The SC Profile of a Ready Kindergartener

Did you know that South Carolina has an easy to understand profile of a ready kindergartener so that parents can help get their you students be ready for 5K? Let’s talk about that!

The 5 Categories

Approaches to Inquiry & Learning

This category is about problem solving, curiosity, and eagerness to learn

Emotional & Social Development

This category is all about whether your child has the ability to share, take turns, make friends, and more by the time they are in Kindergarten.

Physical Development, Self-Help, and Motor Skills

The Physical Development, Self-Help, and Motor Skills category is dedicated to helping parents understand what physical skills a ready kindergartener has. For example, can a student move with control and balance while walking and running?

Language & Literacy Development

This category is thorough as it entails language skills AND literacy skills a child needs to be considered ready for Kindergarten. It is broken down into three sub-categories:

  1. Listening, Speaking, and Understanding
  2. Early Reading
  3. Early Writing

Mathematical Thinking

Mathematical thinking is the last category and outlines the mathematical skills a child needs to be ready for kindergarten. It is broken up into two sub-categories:

  1. Number Sense
  2. Matching, Sorting, Classifying

In each category, there are key skills and abilities that a your young student should develop in order to benefit from a quality kindergarten experience.

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